Administration, Taxation, Transaction Structuring and Finance:

EMS provides complete administration to foreign companies doing business in Chile, especially form Australia, Canada, USA and England. We set-up a local company in Chile acting as the local branch of the client providing local administration, Chilean legal address and legal representative, bank account and local accounting. We manage the investment in Chile with the most tax efficient structure and control all the local payments. The principles also have vast experience in structuring transaction for Funds (based on eligible criteria) and have the ability to bring in secondary financing to close transactions.

Legal Advisers and contract negotiations

EMS’ network of Chilean mining lawyers, conduct all types of legal mining due diligence, option and acquisition contracts as well as local, public and international bids, establishment of local companies geared to our clients requirements and provide a full spectrum of legal services for their exploration projects. We guide our clients through all aspects of the Mining Property acquisition (options) process, from due diligence, negotiations, contracting, registering and more, usually acting as a local (non related with our client name) corporation, benefiting our clients from the local-to-local negotiations. We give certainties on titles and tenements before any transaction takes place. We can also help to secure the areas adjacent to client’s project for protection constituting new mining claims in those geologically interesting areas or for project security reasons. We advise on decision making related to the formation, maintenance or closure of societies, companies or other businesses, in addition to providing contacts seeking new partners, investors or associates or Joint Ventures/Partnerships, locally and globally. We cover all the legal scopes of corporate management, societies, boards of directors, shareholder meetings and bonds, amongst others.

Logistics Services

EMS takes care of all the transportation required for the presentation of projects, including air tickets, vehicles and every type of additional transportation required such as ferries, boats and trucks. Our company offers survey and pegging services, including an expert team that studies the property boundaries and division of the mining properties, and the making of roads and paths. We have a vast and detailed database of suppliers to provide the optimal equipment and material for the exploration of the mining properties. We have professionals that can take care of any problem or special requests needed in computing. We manage laboratory work with a team of professional scientists for the analysis and control of all the samples extracted on each project. Our company makes the arrangements for all the accommodations required.

Image, Maps and Professional Mining Photos & Videos (Including drones)

EMS has a detailed image database that includes satellite and aerial photos of each project offered or studied. Our company has an expert team specialised in airbrushing of large maps and crosssection to provide a complete and detailed view of the mining properties that are being explored. Our professionals are available to produce conventional drafting of the maps required for the development of all mining projects. We provide a digitising service for all types of maps and documentation. We offer technical illustrations for the completion of reports. EMS offers plotting and printing services for any large or small-scale maps and documents for a full report. EMS also provides Professional Mining Photography service, and design of a complete brochure, flyer or promotional book of each mining project or prospect ( ).