Mining & Exploration

Adding Value with Mining prospects

We offers a full spectrum of mining related services to foreign companies and funds interested in developing their presence in Chile and Southamerica.

EMS has more than 15 years experience providing a full spectrum of exploration services via our local and global network of contractors. We have hands on experience in exploration of all stages and adhere to international standard process (Jorc code, NI 43.101).

We offer our clients both local and international screened contractors. We manage the quoting (or bid), the contracting, the quality control, the process security, the reporting and the fulfilment to international standards.

In summary, EMS provides a complete set of services to foreign companies to make their investment in Chile safe and hassle free.

EMS maintains a current proprietary database of mining projects that are not public knowledge acquired by the principles relationships with the mining community for over 25 years in particular with small to medium scale miners, and also with non core assets of big mining companies. The database has a wide variety of projects including metallic and non-metallic resources, at different stages of exploration, from green fields to more advanced with drilling and other studies, in addition to operating mines, and plants, plus tailings and slag reprocessing projects. Further more EMS has access to financial partners to augment investments.

We provide opportunities to junior companies and funds to add valuable projects to their portfolios by the acquisition of new projects and to set up new junior companies involved in the mining industry, as well as treatment plants and energy plants.

Experience in mining exploration