Geologic Services


EMS conducts specialised searches in various Chilean libraries and databases for background information, reports and documents relating to the mining projects required by the client. Our team has the experience and expertise to provide consulting on geophysical surveys. We have an expert team providing the most detailed analyses of the movement, distribution and quality of water in each project studied. Our team has the training, experience, and equipment to evaluate the potential risk of the projects and to provide the data for prevention or remediation to mitigate the risk of any sort of hazards. Our expert geologists provide supervision in the assessments of natural hazards. 

Our team of geologists can provide complete studies of sedimentary and layered rocks for a full evaluation of the projects. We can provide mineralogy and petrology studies including the origin and formation of the minerals and their classification. We have an expert team of geologists that can carry out geological mapping and geochemical samplings of underground mines during the exploration. Our expert team also provides a complete service for geological mapping and geochemical sampling on the surface. Our database incorporates geologic drafts and illustrations compiled by our geologists over the years that are included in the reports and documents of each project. Our database incorporates geological drafts and illustrations compiled by our geologists over the years that are included in the reports and documents of each project. Our company has an extensive and detailed database of mining and exploration projects together with an analysis of their potential. These are available for our clients to study and research. We do an extensive evaluation of mining properties, including a complete report from our expert geological team on the mineral potential of the properties, together with geological mapping and sampling. We can provide a complete and detailed surveying study implementing meticulous bulk sampling programs, based on official databases. Our sampling program includes a complete study of the soil and stream sediments in the mining properties, with the results analysed and interpreted by our expert team of geologists. For the proper development of industrial mineral projects, we can provide exploration reports, mineral sampling, geological advice and detailed analysis of the minerals studied. Our company provides the necessary equipment for surface and underground drilling of mining projects, including trained and experienced professionals to operate them. Our exploration programs covers all types of properties, from regional studies to site-specific assets. This program is run by our expert team of geoscientists and contains a complete evaluation of the properties. Experienced geoscientists provide our cartographic services. We offer a complete and detailed database of geological, geochemical and geophysical mapping of the mining properties, as well as topographic mapping and survey.